What Makes Cloud Computing Great for SMEs

In only the last year or two, most small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) went from asking why they should use cloud computing to embracing it like few technological innovations have been embraced before.

It is estimated that at least 96% of enterprises use cloud technology in some way – a clear indication that cloud technology not only makes running a business easier but has become the way to go when it comes to data management, future planning and business continuity, among other things.

Cloud computing offers a simple and streamlined way to add simplicity and security to the day-to-day operations of SMEs. It also allows for greater productivity, and in turn increased potential for innovation and growth.

The implementation of hybrid clouds has made cloud technology not only accessible but also attractive to the majority of small businesses that still questioned the need to incorporate cloud technology, citing reasons such as that they didn’t need it and had systems in place that worked, so why change a winning team? With hybrid clouds, these small businesses – in fact, all SMEs – get the security and access to services from an open-based cloud such as that of Microsoft, but can still have their own platform unique to themselves to elements they prefer. This makes data secure while at the same time ensuring that owners of small companies who might still be a bit tech-resistant still benefit from cloud technology as a whole.

In addition, the access to open cloud-based environments has introduced quite a few benefits when it comes to growth and innovation.

With cloud computing comes economy of scale, which means that the nature of IT infrastructure within SMEs has changed. Businesses can take advantage of scaling IT resources such as the availability of software upgrades according to their needs and not be bound by bundling. This frees up capital for spending on innovation and increasing productivity. Bandwidth can be customised while physical infrastructure can be scaled down through virtualisation.

Big data and analytics, previously too costly or complex to acquire and implement for SMEs, becomes affordable thanks to the scalability made possible by cloud technology, which means that the owners of SMEs are allowed better insights into their businesses’ operational performance.

New applications and solutions can be developed and tested in the cloud, which means far less time and money spent on research and development. Cloud technology makes creating new business applications quicker and easier, which means the business can grow faster.

What did we do before cloud technology? It might be a relatively new innovation in technology (that keeps innovating itself by the day!), but it is difficult remembering running a small to medium-sized business without cloud technology even a few years ago. It has truly changed the face of how we do business!

No matter how big or how small your company, cloud technology can make a world of difference. At Strategix we have experts in the field who will work with you to use cloud technology to your greatest advantage and create a bespoke cloud solution for your business needs.