What You Need to Know About Custom Apps Part 1

Technology is great, and is making the world of the business owner even greater. With all the new platforms so readily available it has become possible for you to have your own customised app.

Digitalisation and the subsequent transformation of the way we do business and implement business systems touch every individual in every industry. Thanks to the digital cloud, people can work from anywhere and at any time – from any device of their choosing. Therefore, you need to ensure that your product or service offers maximum ease of use and flexibility.

The use of mobile apps has played a large role in the transformation; with industry players flooding the market – unfortunately for them, with mobile apps one as generic as the other. While off-the-shelf mobile apps are readily available and subject to competitive pricing, it will never be a perfect fit for one company. You may not get the features you need and end up paying for features you’ll never use.

This is where custom apps come in.

A custom app is tailored to your business needs. It complements every functionality on your must-have list and doesn’t bother with features that will simply gather dust. A custom app enables and empowers employees to work productive and smart, accessing all the necessary data online at any time, from anywhere, without needing a degree in IT to do so.

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Business process automation is quickly becoming a highly strategic enabler of business control, agility and productivity. Taking this into consideration, along with the fact that the whole world is moving to mobile and web applications, the deciding factor comes down to cost. With our business and development model we can create high-quality mobile and web applications at a fraction of the cost.

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A key factor in building the perfect custom app for your business is having a clear understanding of your business needs. You need to understand where all the focal areas and pain points are located so that these can be featured and addressed in the custom app. You need to identify problems in order to counter them with ready-to-use solutions – on the go.

Ask yourself what employees need to achieve, how they can achieve it and what the best-case outcomes will be. Look at your business procedures and protocols from every angle to best incorporate them in the custom app.

This concludes Part 1 of our guide to custom apps. In part 2, we’ll look at security features, getting the development phase right and how to implement the custom app successfully.

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