3 Ways Your Business Benefits from Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft’s latest complete business management application Dynamics 365 Business Central provides an end-to-end ERP solution tailored to a company’s industry-specific needs, including the well-known capabilities of Dynamics NAV, which is now part of this solution.

Below we look at the main integrations and advantages of Dynamics 365 Business Central.

1. Embedded Integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Built-in artificial intelligence (AI) is designed to recognise and detect pattern and changes in the business, saving substantial times and resources for management and users, and promoting automation for repetitive tasks and business processes.

AI also helps to streamline business processes and reduce tedious manual data entry through image recognition, automatic data updates, and suggestions for improvement. It notifies users of connections between tasks, therefore speeding up task completion and decision-making.

2. Business Intelligence with Power BI Integration

Microsoft’s data analysis tool and business intelligence application, Power BI, provides a comprehensive company data analysis and reporting, making decision-making easier and operations more efficient.

The Power BI integration in Business Central means that all data and analysis content can be viewed directly in the application, offering real-time insights, without switching applications. It also integrates with Office applications, completing the overview of the business in real time.

3. Customisation with Role Centers

Business Central is user-friendly and can be tailored to the company’s industry-specific needs, connecting the company across the individual departments. Each user can have a designated access role to the platform according to the business needs since different types of companies have different types of employees.

Each employee has access to a relevant role centre in the ERP system through user profile customisation right from the start. The role centre includes key performance indicators (KPIs), navigation menus, and hotkeys. For example, the role screen for sales managers will display KPIs, the best-selling products and action buttons relevant to sales.

Transform your business with an accessible, flexible, fast and user-friendly ERP solution.