Accelerating Hybrid Cloud Adoption

For most enterprises, the future is a hybrid of multiple clouds—public and private. According to VMware, the phase of experimentation, where early adopters fused public and private clouds, is coming to an end. Organisations are fully transitioning to the cloud, embracing the hybrid cloud environment and its advantages.

As cloud adoption accelerates at a rapid pace among organisations worldwide, new cloud management models are needed to make this transition successfully.

The companies of the future are looking at adopting new models they can leverage the pace of innovation while trying to be agiler and innovate at greater speeds, says Sajai Krishnan, VMware’s vice president, cloud management.

Moving to the cloud poses its challenges, and the fine balance between being agile and maintaining overall control of critical business applications is one of them. Multi-clouds provide the flexibility – but control depends on the cloud management solution of choice.

With the VMware cloud management suite, enterprises can achieve both. They can define a multitude of policies, rights and privileges according to their specific business needs, set and automate processes, and run applications and workloads independently in the cloud without constant intervention to focus their attention elsewhere.

The Vmware cloud management platform is also moving towards a self-driving hybrid cloud environment, as technology moves towards a progressive self-driving future based on automation.

Automating the cloud management processes is key to enable the flexibility and performance of business applications. CIOs, developers and tech teams need to ensure that organisations have the capacity, performance, and security to conduct critical operations in a cloud environment – public, private, or a hybrid infrastructure solution.

Adopting a hybrid cloud infrastructure provides easy access to the required app development and deployment on the most suitable platform, while the workloads can be shifted to the most efficient public or private cloud. Furthermore, a hybrid infrastructure ensures the required combination of compliance, security and governance.

As hybrid cloud adoption continues to increase worldwide, enterprises will have to focus on managing and optimising workloads on a multitude of clouds via an agile, secure and performant infrastructure that meets all current requirements and can support new business models. Find out more here.

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