Get the Most Out of Your CRM Software

Customer relationship management is one of the most valuable tools a business can have to improve customer relations. Ensure that your CRM software is tailored to your company needs, with the capabilities, scalability and mobility that best suit your business.

System Functionality and Flexibility

An effective CRM tool is essential to collect, track and maintain customer data as accurate as possible in one central platform, which contributes to streamlining sales and marketing operations, reducing data duplications and time-consuming admin work. Think beyond basic features and look at ways it can improve customer satisfaction, service and loyalty.

Where will the data reside? Is the product flexible? Can the company adjust it to fit their processes? Consider the advantages and disadvantage of on-premise software hosted on your server versus a cloud-based or SaaS tool, looking at cost factors, performance, usability and data administration.

Automation and Integration

Look out for a CRM platform that can manage all contracts, invoices, receipts and electronic communication in a single place, and automate those tedious and repeating processes such as quoting and invoicing customers, saving time and reducing admin costs.

Can the system integrate with third-party apps if necessary? Does it have the scalability to grow with your business? Software that integrates easily and allows you to add modules and popular third-party tools to monitor customer and sales interaction – such as social media feeds, message boards, productivity workflows – can bring a competitive advantage.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales helps sell effectively by providing the insight, guidance and tools salespeople need to build repeatable processes, focus on the right customers, and win faster by collaborating with colleagues.

Usability, Mobility and Collaboration

It is very important to choose a CRM tool easy to use to get the buy-in from all relevant employees and any third-party suppliers who need to interact with the software. Intuitive software with a familiar interface or easily enough configuration means less time wasted on staff training, disruptions and troubleshooting, and even improved collaboration!

Is your CRM tool easy to use? Does it enable collaboration? How much mobility do you require? You may need to communicate easily among employees and teams, even remote staff, in which case a cloud-based system may be a better option.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 empowers your sales and marketing teams to plan, execute, and measure marketing campaigns seamlessly, build sales pipelines faster and engage more customers across multiple channels, by leveraging cost-effective cloud solutions, Office productivity tools and Power BI business intelligence.

Transform your business with an accessible, flexible, fast and user-friendly CRM solution.