What is the Microsoft CSP Program?

At Strategix, we receive lots of questions about the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Program we are part of, and how it benefits businesses. In this blog, we uncover a few things you should know about the Microsoft CSP partner program.

What is Microsoft CSP?

The Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider label shows that your Microsoft partner can provide your business with Microsoft public cloud subscriptions such as the Azure cloud, Dynamics 365, Office 365, SharePoint Online, Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) and other cloud services.

CSP is more than just a licensing platform. You receive mandatory 24/7 support from your CSP partner with a convenient monthly invoice subscription and services billing for all your Microsoft cloud needs. Please note that this is cloud-only. You can’t license on-premise software through CSP. You will need a separate licensing contract with Microsoft.

Why choose a Microsoft CSP vendor?

You can either purchase cloud subscriptions and services directly from Microsoft or choose a CSP partner. The advantage of choosing a CSP partner is the accessibility and convenience of bundled cloud services for specific needs instead of separate purchasing and invoicing.

The CSP partner also provides technical support, upgrades, license renewals and product updates included in the package deal (see below).

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central enables customers to upgrade their entry-level accounting software and legacy ERP systems with a single, comprehensive solution to manage finances, operations, sales and customer service. It is a cloud-based, all-in-one business management solution that helps organisations streamline business processes, improve customer interactions and enable growth.

What support do I get from a CSP partner?

Within the CSP program, the Microsoft CSP provider will offer a 24/7 support solution, which includes technical troubleshooting, product upgrades and license renewals. It is important to choose a CSP partner that can guarantee this round-the-clock assistance.

The support of your local Microsoft CSP partner is an important advantage. It means that you can contact your CSP provider for help rather than going directly to Microsoft every time you experience technical issues. This can considerably improve efficiency.

What about payment and invoicing?

The CSP program is based on a monthly subscription. You can join in and cancel anytime, which gives your business the flexibility it needs. You can also alter your cloud services subscription plans and licenses as your needs change. Note that some CSP partners have a mandatory first 12-month commitment before you can cancel your subscription.

Once you enter into a partnership with a Microsoft CSP, the CSP provider is responsible for handling product orders and payments for cloud subscriptions with Microsoft. You will only have to deal with your local Microsoft CSP for subscriptions orders, licensing support, and monthly invoicing.

Do you have more questions? Please get in touch – our team is happy to answer your specific queries!

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